About Us

Welcome to our Gujarati Nibandh blog. Friends, in our Gujarati language, there are few blogs that we can count on our fingers. This is the first website only dedicated to essays in the Gujarati Language.

I have created this website to help teachers and students who need essays or nibandh. They can use this blog as a guide and prepare an essay to be asked in the exam.

If you have an opinion, topic suggestion, or complaint, please let us know. We will always welcome your feedback.

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આ બ્લોગ પર તમને નિબંધ, ભાષણ, સારા વિચાર, અને સ્ટોરીઓ વાંચવા મળશે. તમારે પણ કોઇ સ્ટોરી લખવી હોય તો અમારા બ્લોગમા લખી શકો છો.