essay on the big scientist sir Isaac Newton.2024

Date of Birth: January 4, 1643
Date of Death: March 31, 1727
Place of Birth: Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK

essay on the big scientist sir Isaac Newton: Hello friends today I want to introduce you about a scientist who has made the world’s largest Law of Gravity rule and achieved many other achievements so today we will know about Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton 4 January 16431 March 1727 was a great English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, chemist and theologian who is considered by many scholars and distinguished members of society to be one of the most influential men in human history.

essay on the big scientist sir Isaac Newton.2024

scientist sir Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton was born on December 25 in Woolsthorpe, a small town in the county of Lincolnshire. His father was an average but very successful farmer who did not live to see the birth of his own son and died of severe consumption just a few months before the event.

It was in his father’s honor that the child was named Isaac Newton. . Newton considered the fact of being born on Christmas Day a special sign of fate. Despite his poor health as an infant, he lived to be 84 years old. So decided the mother, who mourned her dead husband for a long time and hoped that her son would not repeat it.

Although Isaac was born on his due date, the boy was very sick and weak. was According to some records, but when the child grew a little bigger and stronger, there were two versions about the origin of Newton. Earlier, bibliographers were convinced that his ancestors were the nobles who lived in England in those distant times.

Manuscripts say that his ancestors worked for wealthy landowners and later, after accumulating sufficient funds, they became full landowners and owned a small plot of land. had bought Therefore, by the time Newton’s father was born, his ancestors were somewhat better off.

In the winter of 1646, Newton’s mother, Anna Aysko, remarried a widower, and three more children were born. The stepfather communicates little with Isaac and practically does not notice him, a month later the same attitude towards the child can already be detected in his mother.

Author of the seminal work “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”, in which he outlined the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of mechanics, in January 1646, Newton’s mother, Hannah Ascoff, remarried. The boy’s patron was his maternal uncle,

ssay on the big scientist sir Isaac Newton.2024

William Ayskoye. As a child, Newton, according to contemporaries, was silent, he loved reading and making technological toys: his stepfather died in 1653, part of his inheritance went to Newton’s mother.
In June 1661, the 18-year-old Newton arrived at Cambridge. By statute, he was given an examination in Latin,

after which he was informed that he had been accepted into Trinity College Cambridge University. More than 30 years of Newton’s life are associated with this educational institution.Isaac Newton- Known as a physicist and mathematician, as well as Isaac Newton a brilliant mechanic.

Beginning of Scientific Fame (1667-1684) Until 1664, Newton, according to his own notes in workbooks and personal diaries, saw no benefit and prospects in his university education. . First, Isaac lists the problems of the world around him, which includes 45 things.

Even as a student, Newton tried to explain all the happenings in the environment with a scientific scheme. He is fascinated by mathematics, and at the age of 21, Isaac already makes a discovery – he derives a binomial from his name. In March-June 1666, Newton visited Cambridge. .

Finally, in early 1667, the epidemic subsided and Newton returned to Cambridge in April. On 1 October, he was elected a fellow of Trinity College, and became master in 1668. He is given a large private room to live in, an annual salary, and a group of students with whom he dutifully studies standard subjects for several hours a week.

.then he meets a new math teacher (and subsequently best friend) through Isaac Barrow, Thanks to whom he is influenced by a special love of mathematical sciences. At the same time, he makes his first discovery – he creates a binomial expansion for an arbitrary rational index, with which he proves the existence of an expansion of a function in an infinite series.

After consolidating his position, Newton traveled to London, where shortly before, in 1660 In , the Royal Society of London was founded – an authoritative body of leading scientists, one of the first academies of science. The journal Philosophical Transactions was the printed organ of the Royal Society


The idea of ​​universal gravitation was often expressed before Newton. Kepler believed that gravity is inversely proportional to the distance from the Sun and extends only in the plane of the ecliptic; Descartes believed it to be the result of a vortex in the ether.

However, inferences were made with reasonable dependence on distance; Newton mentions Buliard, Vane and Hooke in Elements. But before Newton, no one had been able to link the laws of gravitation and the laws of planetary motion in a clear and mathematically decisive manner. It is only with Newton’s works that the science of motion begins, including its application to the motion of celestial bodies.

In 1686, Newton formulated the theory of universal gravitation,. Isaac was on friendly terms with Voltaire and shared almost all his principles with him. . And at this moment, Newton suddenly admits to a friend that the theory of universal gravitation came to him at exactly that moment. And at that moment, while I was sitting, completely absorbed in my thoughts, a large apple fell from a branch.

And I thought why do all things fall vertically? He was elected to the House of Lords, appointed Superintendent of the Mint, and shortly afterwards their Manager.Newton has been knighted. Throughout his life, Newton actively fought against financial scams and counterfeiters, at the end of his life, he becomes a participant in financial fraud and loses part of his fortune.

There are no descendants of Isaac Newton. He worked all the time. . Biographers of the scientist note that in his youth, Isaac was taken by his peer, Miss Story, with whom he was friends all his life. The great scientist died in 1727. Buried in Westminster Abbey

.Isaac Newton’s Interesting Life Facts:

Newton’s First Law of Motion An object at rest remains at rest unless an unbalanced external force acts on it, and an object in constant motion continues its constant motion.

Isaac Newton Law of Motion

Newton’s first Law of Motion

Unless an object is acted upon by an unbalanced external force, the object remains at rest, and the object in inertial motion continues its inertial motion.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion

An external force acting on an object The value of the force is equal to the product of the object’s mass and its acceleration. Newton’s third law of motion

Newton’s third law of motion:

“During the interaction between two objects, one object exerts a force on the first object equal to the force that the other object exerts on the other object. The direction of these forces is reciprocal. are opposite.”

Achievements of Isaac Newton

Regarded as the founder of Mechanics (a branch of physics).,Opened his name ring,Founded integral calculus in mathematics,Writer of Newton’s binomial.Constructed reflecting telescope..Discovered the law of gravitation.

Important dates in IsaacNewton’s biography:

1664 – Newton’s binomial is discovered
1665-1667 – Law of gravitation discovered
1689 – Elected Member of Parliament
1705 – Knighthood received

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