Essay on Atal Bridge, Ahmedabad.2024

Essay on Atal Bridge,:Hello friends today’s topic is Atal Bij of Ahmedabad which is built very soon it is also increasing the pride of Ahmedabad so let us know today that there is ticket in Atal Bridge to see and Atal Bridge we will tell you all information from area.

A 300 meter iconic Atal Foot Over Bridge (Atal Foot Over Bridge) has been constructed between Alicebridge and Sardarbridge.
On August 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a unique gift of Atal Foot Over Bridge to the people of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabadites will be able to visit the Atal foot over bridge after Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened it.

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Essay on Atal Bridge, Ahmedabad.2024

Essay on Atal Bridge

Ahmedabadites have been waiting for a long time that finally Atal Bridge, which is going to become the identity of Ahmedabad, has been opened to the public. Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd. The ticket rates of Atal Foot Over Bridge have also been announced by

The iconic foot overbridge prepared at a cost of 74 crores at Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad will be e-launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. This is the first foot bridge connecting East and West. The length of this bridge constructed between Alicebridge and Sardarbridge is 300 meters.

How much ticket rate has to be paid?
As for the ticket rate that citizens pay to visit Atal Bridge, a person of 12 years to 60 years will pay Rs. 30 has to be paid. A person above 60 years has to pay Rs.15. Children from 3 years to 12 years will have to pay Rs.15. Fees for simultaneous visit to Flower Park and Atal Bridge have also been announced. A person aged 12 to 60 years has to pay Rs.40. A person above 60 years has to pay Rs.20. So children from 3 years to 12 years also have to pay Rs.20.

What are the rules?

Along with announcing the ticket rates, some rules have also been announced. As such, no one can stay on the bridge for more than 30 minutes after paying the ticket rate. Atal Bridge will be open from 9 am to 9 pm only. Pets cannot be taken on the bridge. Smoking is also strictly prohibited on the bridge.

Know how is foot overbridge?

This foot overbridge (Atal bridge) of the Sabarmati riverfront connecting the eastern area of ​​Ahmedabad city with the west has been prepared. A 300 meter iconic bridge has been built between Alicebridge and Sardarbridge.. From the top of this bridge you will see a mind-blowing view.

. A food center i.e. food and drink stalls will be set up and a multi-level car parking system has also been set up at the west and east ends of the footover bridge. That is, people visiting here will get all kinds of facilities.

The Atal Bridge built on the riverfront has been recently inaugurated by PM Modi. Then a large number of people are flocking to enjoy Atal Bridge. So now the corporation has fixed the fees and regulations for the visitors visiting the Atal Bridge. So now people visiting Atal Bridge have to pay entry fee. Also, the bridge can be visited only for 30 minutes.The corporation has fixed the fees and rules for visitors visiting Atal Bridge.

Flower Park-Atal Bridge tolls

Apart from this, a charge has also been fixed for people who want to go to both places. The corporation has fixed an entry fee of Rs 20 for children between 3 to 12 years, Rs 40 for those above 12 years and Rs 20 for those above 60 years of age to visit both the places. However, this facility will be free for the disabled. Each visitor can visit Atal Bridge only for 30 minutes

PM Modi inaugurated it

Apart from this, fairies will not be allowed here. Also, visitors visiting this bridge cannot carry any sports equipment on the bridge. Importantly, Atal Bridge was inaugurated by PM Modi. Now the corporation has fixed the charge for visiting Atal Bridge. This bridge connects East and West Ahmedabad.

Misting system for summer cooling

The iron pipe structure weighing 2600 tonnes and the colorful fabric tensile structure roof are testament to the iconic design of the iconic bridge.

The total length of the bridge is 300 meters while the middle span is 100 meters.

The width at the ends is 10 meters and the width at the middle of the bridge is 14 meters.

A dynamic color changeable LED. Lighting gives the bridge a unique look, there is also a misting system for cooling in summer.

Food kiosks, seating and plantations have been arranged in the middle.

The bridge can be accessed from both sides (west bank and east side) from the lower and upper promenade (footpath) of the river.

Wooden flooring has been done in the middle of the bridge, while granite flooring, planters and stainless steel and glass railings have been made in the rest of the bridge.

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