essay on animals.2024 Amazing Things to Know About Animals

essay on animals:Hello friends today’s topic is essay on animals today we know about animals if you are looking for essay on animals then you will get all information about animal on this blog of ours so let’s start today our topic is essay on animals.

All of us are connected to many different types of animals around us. Some of them also have pets. But in today’s article, we are going to tell you some amazing and interesting things to know about some such animals, which you may not have heard or read anywhere.

essay on animals.2024 Amazing Things to Know About Animals

essay on animals.2022 (23)Amazing Things to Know About Animals

You will learn about different species of animals and how they are classified. This essay on animals also talks about the importance of animals
Animals are the most precious creatures given to us by God. They have occupied this earth for as long as there have been humans.

imaginary the balance of nature animals have several characteristics that set them apart from other living things animals can be insects mammals reptiles fish and other organisms that are not plants they cannot make their own food instead they get nutrients by eating other living things fish twin Birds fly nail slide and snakes

little animals are capable of movement and some stage in their life cycle animals are generally grouped into 6 types of mammals birds reptiles and amphibians in vertebrates and fish climate water and feet are the main factors which determine what animals are any particular region as a result of this we find it of animal

breed we keep animals to provide us with leather mid milk a bone and home for a variety of uses some animals are used for source of income fertility of soil transport use following fields Medical Research put sperber entertainment exit pets are part of everyday

life and particle of families the providers with companionship emotional support stress level help us to increase our social activities animals are also useful in occupational therapy speech therapy physical rehabilitation to help patients recover the human animal bond is a mutual beneficial and dynamic relationship considered essential to the health and wellbeing of Perth

essay on animals Conclusion

Thus, animals play an important role on our planet earth and in human life. For the better future of us and our family we need to protect animals and that is our important duty. Otherwise, the human race cannot survive without the help of other animals.

essay on animals

Amazing Things to Know About Animals”

1.A crocodile can never stick out its tongue. Also he can never move his tongue and chew. Its digestive juice is of a very noble type that it can even digest iron nails.

2.A sea crab is a creature that has its heart in its head.

3.Horse and rat never vomit like other animals.

4.The structure of the body of a pig is such that it can never see the sky.

5.A dog’s eyes are better than a human’s but it cannot see color vision.

6.Assuming a pair of mice, they can increase their numbers to millions in a few years.

7.A gorilla sleeps an average of 14 hours a day.

8.A newborn kangaroo is only 1 inch long.

9.A horse can be told whether it is male or female by counting its teeth. A horse has 40 teeth. Whereas, a mare has 36 teeth.

10.More people die each year from a bee than from a snake.

11.Sea dolphins keep one eye open even while sleeping.

12.There is also an insect which eats its own body to satisfy its hunger due to lack of food.

13.Bats cannot walk because their leg bones are very thin.

14.A frog cannot swallow anything without closing its eyes.

15.The owl is the only bird that sees only blue.

16.A polar bear’s dominant hand is left. Who mostly use it for their tough and difficult work.

17.Human birth control pills also work on gorillas.

18.The age of a squirrel is up to nine years.

19.A lizard’s heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute.

20.In the Philippines, there is a huge market for cockfighting where as many as 5,00,000 cocks are fought simultaneously.

21.If a small amount of alcohol is poured on a scorpion, it becomes mad and starts stinging itself.

22.Elephants are said to be the largest mammals living on land, while blue whales are the largest animals to exist on Earth.

23.Giraffes did not initially have such long necks as we see now;

આ બ્લોગ પર તમને નિબંધ, ભાષણ, સારા વિચાર, અને સ્ટોરીઓ વાંચવા મળશે. તમારે પણ કોઇ સ્ટોરી લખવી હોય તો અમારા બ્લોગમા લખી શકો છો.

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