essay on queen elizabeth biography.2024

essay on queen elizabeth biography Hello friends today is our country on queen elizabeth biography today we will know about queen elizabeth what happened during her life time who was queen elizabeth how she became queen all the detailed information is given here

essay on queen elizabeth biography.2024

essay on queen elizabeth biography

queen elizabeth Family and Childhood

Born on April 21, 1926, a member of the reigning dynasty of England Elizabeth 2 biography is difficult to imagine the future queen without her pedigree. The girl was the daughter of Prince Albert, who had a peerage title, and his wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. The child’s father was the son of King George VWhen the king died in 1936, the throne passed by inheritance to the eldest son, Edward VIII (Elizabeth’s uncle).

However, he ruled for a few months. According to the law of the state, it was right for him to marry a person belonging to an aristocratic family. Bessie Simpson – However, the king did not choose a knot with a divorced woman out of royal circles for the knot. The fact that he had already been married twice, the government, which Edward offered, was filled to abdicate. He actually deposed and unexpectedly transferred the throne to his younger brother named George V.

During World War II

Despite the fact that Hitler did not dare to send ground troops to the British Isles, his air force regularly bombed British cities. Especially constant and frequent raids war, when the victorious Wehrmacht captured almost all of Europe were the first years. Elizabeth’s father regularly visited the soldiers.

Already in 1940, for the first time addressed to the children of the country with a public speech addressed to the successor compatriots.Raised in this environment England Elizabeth 2 Biography child began to talk about the replica of the future queen era. In 1943 she visited the first troops, the infantry platoon was regimented. A few months before Germany’s surrender,

Elizabeth joined the army and became a mechanic-driver assisting ambulances in the Women’s Self-Defence Units. The princess received the rank of lieutenant, and today her military title remains in force if she is an active ruler. This means that Elizabeth – the last member of the Second World War, left on a military pension, worldwide.

essay on queen elizabeth biography

queen elizabeth Married to Philip

His standard duties returned with the beginning of the world and in 1947 the biography of Elizabeth 2 Princess of England was marked by the marriage with the future Queen Filippom Mauntbettenom.In the first half of XX century all European ruling dynasties were closely used.

Philip is the grandson of King George I of Greece and a member of the Danish royal family and a descendant of the British Queen Victoria. The newlyweds both met as children in the 30s. Philip received the honorary title of Peerage of Edinburgh after the marriage. Despite the fact that he was born back in 1921,

he is still in good health and properly performs his hereditary duties. Interestingly, the Queen’s husband did not take the title of Prince Concert for him, and remained a nobleman of Edinburgh.Philip and Elizabeth had four siblings: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

All of them now have children and grandchildren, which, in turn, represent the great royal family of Great Britain. Charles, the eldest son because 1952, when she took the royal throne and to this day so stay and became the heir of his mother.

queen elizabeth In the early years

British Koroleva Elizaveta 2 traveled a lot in her youth. This habit did not leave in the first days of his reign. Visited part of the Commonwealth of British colonies with the accession to the throne of the country’s ruler. In the 50s and 60s, these states began the process of independence found in all parts of the world. Most of them were in Africa. In addition, the British monarch visited Australia and New Zealand for the first time in history. The man turned out to be Koroleva Elizaveta 2.

The ruler has an interesting biography of his unique position that his person attracted the attention of the world.Do not forget about the internal affairs of the Queen and the homeland. He regularly met parliament representatives and discussed the agenda. In 1957, the first political crisis of his time on the throne erupted right-wing parties. Then he was a conservative. Prime Minister Antoni IDEN resigned. Since the party had developed a system for electing their leader,

the Queen had to take the responsibility into her own hands.Elizabeth Power often consulted with the legendary Winston Churchill on his first steps. The title of Aryadeacon was determined after consultation with the politician Harold Macmillan, who accepted the nomination proposal. He became the 65th Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1957 to 1964.

Heir to the throneIn 1936 everything changed for Elizabeth. First, his beloved grandfather, King George, died and his uncle became King Edward VIII.. However, she was not expected to actually become queen. His uncle Edward would have children and one of them would assume the crown.

Then, the truly unexpected happened. King Edward abdicated and his father became king. Now queen elizabeth was next in line to the throne.As the future queen, ten-year-old Elizabeth’s life took a dramatic turn. Young Elizabeth handled the pressure ably. She grew up with a strong sense of duty and a strong bond with her parents when needed.

Modern queen status

Queen Elizabeth 2 biography of the eventful ruler, who over the years renounced her former privileges and became a public figure, is an example of a life performing representative functions. Today the ruling throne is following the traditions of his time. Organizes a speech on Parliament once a year.The Queen also regularly meets ambassadors and diplomatic delegations.

In previous years, they often went to the most different corners of the planet, but with age, the intensity of the trips declined. However, more recently, in 2011, queen elizabeth moved to Ireland. It was a historic meeting. Britain and its western neighbors have struggled for centuries. In the XX century, terrorist attacks in the fight for Irish independence (including in Northern Ireland) were witnessed, which took the form of Elizabeth herself 2.

England, however, removed the crisis and established relations with Dublin.Having spent decades on the throne, the ruler of the throne has found his own style of dealing with parliament. As a rule, he tries to stay away from political conflicts between parties and supporters of various programs.But it was in the cold college and impenetrable queen important decisions, when the parliament made a crisis. For example, what happened in 1957 and 1963. In both cases, the prime minister resigned and the right-wing parties could not decide on a successor.

The queen elizabeth then chooses the Speaker of Parliament. Every time it is possible Downing Street mood lightens.Today every citizen in the UK knows everything about what is connected with the Queen Elizabeth 2 biography, with the full name and other facts of her life known to all. He managed, despite the instability of the modern era, to maintain the power of the monarchy.

The years between becoming heir apparent to the throne and becoming queen were marked by three major events: World War II, her marriage, and the birth of her first two children.When World War II broke out in 1939, it was suggested that the Queen, Elizabeth’s mother, leave England for Canada. However, his mother refused to leave the king. However, Elizabeth left the city of London with her sister and mother. .

She also received an honorary commission in the Auxiliary Territorial Servicewhere she trained as a mechanic and driver.Elizabeth was eight years old when she first met her future husband, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. She was only thirteen when she revealed that she had fallen in love with him. The two began exchanging letters and later went to court secretly because they didn’t want the press to torture them. They announced their engagement in July 1947 and married on November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey.

Their wedding was an international event with millions of people around the world listening to the BBC broadcast. The young married couple had their first child, Prince Charles, about a year later. They would have a total of four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.


The contemporary Queen Elizabeth 2 of England, whose biography is a description of a person’s life, which has become a witness in different eras, has been on the throne since 1952. Her tenure is the longest in British history.

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