essay on biography of Mary Kom.2024

Date of Birth: 1 March 1983
Place of Birth:Churchanpur district

essay on biography of Mary Kom: Mary Kom was born in a poor family in Kangathei village in Churchanpur district of the North-Eastern state of Manipur. She was born into the Kom tribe of the North-Eastern state of Manipur. Known as Mary Kom, she won bronze in an Olympics.

India’s first female boxer. Her full name is Maingte Changneizeng Mary Kom. She is the only female boxer in the world to have won 1 padak (medal) in each of the 6 world championships. Since childhood, she has faced many challenges due to being poor. She was so poor that she did not even get three meals a day.

essay on biography of Mary Kom.2024

biography of Mary Kom

Mary Kom was interested in sports since childhood. Her interest in boxing was also inspired by the success of fellow Manipuri male boxer Dingo Singh. Boxing was on her mind. The attraction was born in 1999. Started training in boxing at Khuman Lumpak Sports Center

Mary found a very wise partner like Karung Onkolar Kom She married Karung Onkolar Kom in 2005 and they have two children named Rechungwar and Khupnewar. Her husband took care of her children and focused on my own training.

At 5 feet two inches tall and weighing 48 kg – it is hard to believe that such a petite woman could be a champion. Time the practice to suit one’s mood and temperament. At the age of 37, one has to make such a change to win, he says. Mary won the state-level boxing competition in 2002 and never looked back after that.

. Initially she fought on the basis of strength and stamina. Today she relies more on her own skills. Most of the medals have come after she became a mother in 2005 and that too through caesarean section. Knows what it takes to stay at the top and derives confidence from his hard work.

He is also the only player to have won medals in his first seven consecutive World Championships. He is the only boxer to win 8 world championship medals, both male and female.

How hard was boxing?

Mary started learning to box at the age of 15. They were small in size so rivals easily defeated them. His face was scratched several times. However, Mary did not lose heart. Mary Kom has been honored with the Padma Vibhushan award for these achievements.

Mary Kom from a poor family has overcome all obstacles to reach the Olympics. Now a mother of three sons, Mary continues to fight for her dreams. Mary Kom Siddhiormatgamat Ministry was the first time a female athlete was nominated for this India’s second highest civilian honor (after the Bharat Ratna).


On 25 April 2016, the President awarded Mary Kom the State Appointed as a member of the Assembly.

\ Won the London Olympic bronze medal in 2012.

She got the number one position in the light fly wait category in the alba world womens ranking.

2014 Asian Games in South Korea became the first Indian boxer to win a gold medal.

In 2018 Commonwealth Games became the first Indian boxer to win a gold medal.

He also holds the record of becoming a five-time amateur boxing champion.

Mary Kom respect

Mary Kom received Arjuna Award in 2003.

Padma Bhushan in 2006 and Yagya Padma Bhushan in 2020.

People of the Year Limca Book of Records in 2007.

Real from cNN Reliance Industries in 2008.Heroes Award.

In 2008 Government of Manipur awarded the title in “Mithoili”.

In 2009 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

In 2009 he was awarded the brand of iba. Made an ambassador.

Sports women of the year in 2010 from Sahara India family.

In 2016 Honorary doctorate degree from Northeastern Hill University Awarded

D-phil degree from Kaziranga University in 2019

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